Decorum Reviews…LSEMUN 2018

Decorum Reviews…LSEMUN 2018


Location: The London School of Economics

Dates: 26 – 28 January

Number of Delegates: 120

Number of Committees: 6

London Security Exercise Model United Nations is a staple of the UK circuit and often draws in delegates that otherwise prefer General Assembly committees elsewhere. The conference featured a broad range of crisis themes for different experience levels, impressive socials and well-run ceremonies.



A delegate in the Harry Potter Crisis plans his next move

The conference featured 6 crises committees. For lovers of fantasy, there was a Harry Potter committee that role-played the Second Wizarding War. For beginners looking for a more traditional crisis experience, the conference offered two different crises: The dissolution of the USSR and the Spanish Civil War. There were two historical crises on offer that generally had more experienced delegates. One dealt with political and military tensions over British Hong Kong in the 1980s and the other was set in Japan, during the Boshin War.

Perhaps the most innovative crisis at the conference was the US Election crisis where every seat counted towards the final presidential victory. Although the delegates weren’t really able to send directives on the last day of the conference, the televised elements of the crisis and the anticipation of final results provided adequate entertainment.

The President-elect of the USA is sworn in


The Secretary General officially opens the conference

Both the opening and the closing ceremonies went by smoothly despite some expected initial delays and the secretariat successfully stuck to the schedules. The location, whilst largely unremarkable was the same for both ceremonies and at the site of registration which was rather convenient for participants. The closing ceremony featured a series of heartfelt speeches by the secretariat and a video of conference highlights that served as a good conclusion to a very dynamic conference.



Members of the Secretariat at the Saturday night social

The socials were a real highlight of the conference. LSEMUN allowed delegates to purchase £25 full social packs for both Friday and Saturday nights or a £15  half-social pack for the first night only. Friday’s social was held at Bloomsbury Lanes, a short bus ride from the conference venue. A social pack included entry to the venue as well as 2 drinks vouchers and pizza. The venue featured 5 private bowling lanes, a karaoke room, arcade games as well as pool, foosball and ping pong tables. One participant described the night as ‘the best social they’ve been to in London”. Many stayed until the 2 AM closing time.


Although Saturday night’s social had a hard time living up to the first night, the conference still managed to secure a semi-private area for conference participants at Tiger Tiger London in Piccadilly and provided 2 drinks vouchers that somewhat offset the steep price of drinks at London clubs. The night also benefited from being generally less busy than you’d expect a central London club to be on a Saturday night.


Venues, Logistics and Communications


All crisis committees were based in the same building, which was great for seeing both old and new friends no matter what crisis they were participating in. The location also had convenient public transport links and had a good variety of restaurants for delegates to choose from during lunch. The secretariat were generally easy to find and provided snacks and bottled water throughout Saturday. Pre-conference communication was also good with emails swiftly notifying delegates of any room changes.


The only noticeable issue was that some rooms were particularly smelly due to issues with sewage in the building which were only partially fixed by the end of the conference, although that is hardly the fault of the secretariat.


Right of Reply

“Thank you again for another year of positive feedback! As one of the few crisis-centric conferences in Europe, we always try to focus on improving the delegate experience and we are glad that our better-value socials, more immersive crises, and beginner training session were so well received. While room booking complications and external logistics out of our control meant that some delegates had problems with their room, we tried wherever possible to move delegates to better locations. On behalf of the Secretariat, thank you for your kind review and we look forward to welcoming delegates again next year for our 10th edition of the London Security Exercise Model United Nations Conference.”



Decorum Delegates thanks the LSEMUN Secretariat for granting permission to use the photographs from the conference. Photo credits to Zeina Dowidar.


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