Decorum Reviews…YorkMUN 2018

Decorum Reviews…YorkMUN 2018



Location: University of York

Dates: 2 – 4 February

Number of Delegates: 75

Number of Committees: 4

York Model United Nations is a gem of the North in the UK Model United Nations scene and provides the best of Yorkshire for a weekend conference experience. With a quiet campus location for four committees, YorkMUN offers delegates new to MUN, or those looking for something more avant-garde, a great way to connect with people on engaging topics in a relaxed committee environment.


United Nations Security Council delegates in committee

Two committees were General Assembly and security-based, with the United Nations Security Council (debating on North Korea and recognising Kurdish independence) and the Disarmament and International Security Committee (topics include monitoring the weapons trade of small arms and maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea). Beginner delegates made up a significant portion of these committees, however they surely delivered in providing a great way for delegates new to Rules of Procedure and dynamics of debate to engage with more experienced delegates.


The Crisis Committee was based on The First Opium War and was widely enjoyed by delegates new and experienced to crisis with a chance to engage in a simulation of naval battles and colonial invasion. Without deviating from the traditional war game of crisis committees, crisis staff and delegates were serious the entire way through with satisfying reviews.


The Brexit Negotiations Committee delivered a completely different approach to debate with soft crisis elements of ongoing talks and moderated debate with more leadership and participation in establishing topics and respective national positions. With an ambitious objective of simulating negotiations still in progress, delegates were thrusted in a trial of fire in learning the art of the deal.


The guest speaker, Natalie Bennett, gives the opening remarks

Opening and closing ceremonies were short and sweet, with no unnecessary sections while engaging the entire audience attention. The opening ceremony hosted Natalie Bennett, former Leader of the Green Party, who gripped the room in sharing her views on foreign policy and international issues, followed by the opening of the conference by the Secretary-General without delay. Closing ceremony went by quickly with a wholesome end, featuring a video of candid moments throughout committee sessions and in between.


The socials of the conference made the most out of York’s finest establishments for the town’s diverse population and added a Northern touch to a good night out. Delegate social pack costed £35, which covered entry into the final venue for Friday’s bar crawl and the Saturday Night Ball, hosted at The Hilton York.

The bars on Friday were interestingly different from each other with a different class to each one, the final venue being the club Society, which was conveniently hosting a student night. The Saturday Night Ball was a great evening with something different, giving delegates a generous 5 free drinks and started off with a live band performing rock and metal classics, before a DJ served tasteful chart music for the dancefloor.  


However, there was a confusion of venue location as there were two Hilton Hotels in York and a member of the organisation posted the wrong address, resulting in some people missing out the first half of the social.

Venue, Logistics and Communications

The Secretariat take a quick break for their official photograph

All rooms and committees were in the same section of the same building, including the Secretariat room within easy reach. Crisis Committee rooms were on the same floor and there was plenty of space and provision of electric extension cables to go around. Lunch was provided on Saturday with an assortment of sandwiches and all committees were well hydrated. Campus stores and cafes were within reach however there was not a lot of variety because of the considerable distance between the town centre and the university.

Secretariat paid special attention to immediate feedback for chairs and always were committed to seeing the progress of debate. As the organisational aspects went by smoothly, there was always an opportunity to talk to Secretariat and member of other committees throughout the conference.

Right of Reply

The YorkMUN Secretariat would like to say nothing more than thank you for the honest review, we hope to see Decorum Delegates reviewers at future YorkMUNs!”


Decorum Delegates thanks the YorkMUN Secretariat for granting permission to use the photographs from the conference. Photo credits to Becky Sparks Photography.


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