Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the point of reviewing MUN conferences?

Delegates invest a lot of time, effort and money in attending a conference. We want them to have as much information as possible so that they can choose the conference that is right for them. We also hope that providing constructive feedback to secretariats will help them and others improve the standard of MUN conferences in the UK and beyond.

What does a Decorum review cover?

Decorum Delegates cover the most important aspects of any MUN conference – academics, venues, socials, logistics and communication, and ceremonies. You can find our full review guidelines here.

Why do Decorum reviews not talk about chairing?

Decorum aims to assess a conference through the eyes of a typical delegate. However, the standard of chairing often varies widely across different committees. As such, delegates’ experience may vary significantly. So, unless we hear consistent feedback on the quality of chairing, we will not mention it in our reviews.

How does Decorum review a conference?

We send “reporters” to a conference either as a participant or solely for the purposes of reviewing. While at the conference, our reporter will participate in and/or observe the ceremonies, committees and socials to gain a first-hand experience of the conference. They will also speak to participants to get their perspective and you’ll see their opinions quoted in our reviews.

How are conferences chosen to be reviewed?

We aim to review every conference in the UK. To do so we contact secretariats early on to negotiate access for our reporter at the conference. In return, secretariats will receive an advance copy of their Decorum review and be given the “right of reply”.

What is the “right of reply”?

We recognise that sometimes events out of a secretariat’s control can cause something to go wrong at a conference. The right of reply gives secretariats an opportunity to explain the reasons behind any mishaps that occur and help delegates appreciate the secretariat’s point of view.

After a review is finalised, it will be sent to the secretariat, who will have the chance to write a 100-word response, which we will then publish alongside our review.

How can I have my conference reviewed?

We would love to review your conference! Please contact us through our Google form or send a message to us on our Facebook page.

How can I become a reporter?

Please send a message to us on our Facebook page or our Google form with some information about your background, experience with MUN and availability and we’ll get back to you!