Review Guidelines


A Decorum Delegates conference review covers the following areas:

  • Academics – quality of study guides, variety of committees, variety of topics, quality of chairing (see note on chairing)
  • Ceremonies – opening and closing ceremony and any additional speakers events during the conference
  • Venues – quality of conference venues including size and comfortableness of rooms, access to WiFi, accessibility and choice for lunch
  • Socials – quality of venues, price of drinks, accessibility from hotels/conference venue
  • Logistics and Communication – communication with secretariat prior to and during the conference, registration of delegates etc.  

The following questions are those which are reviewers will ask themselves and others as they participate in a conference. However, they are only suggestions and for brevity’s sake, our reviews will not answer every single question definitively.

Instead, we ask our reviewers to pick the elements of the conference they feel are most relevant in describing its quality and giving prospective delegates the best information.

Moreover, the below questions do not reflect our requirements. For instance, we would not criticise a conference if cheap accommodation/lunch/WiFi etc. was not provided but would certainly praise a conference that did.

Above all, we attempt to assess how well a conference delivers value for money and, like delegates, we have different expectations of different conferences based on what they promise to deliver and charge delegates for.


Study guides:

    • Does it do a good job of explaining the background to and main aspects of the topics?
    • Does it state the areas that delegates should focus on in a resolution?
    • Does it lay out bloc positions?
    • Is it factually accurate?
    • Is it easy to read and navigate?
    • Does it have spelling/grammatical mistakes?
    • Does it look professional?
    • How soon before the conference were they delivered?

Topics and committees:

    • Are the topics original or quite generic?
    • What sort of committees does the conference have e.g. GA, specialised, crisis?
    • Are the topics geared towards beginners or advanced delegates or is there a mix of both?

Chairing – due to the large number of committees at many conferences and the high degree of variation in the quality of chairing at conferences, a Decorum review will not deal with the quality of chairing in most circumstances.

Only if we receive consistent feedback from across committees, good or bad, will our reviews make mention of the quality of chairing.


  • Were the speakers interesting/relevant/entertaining?
  • Did the ceremony feel too long?
  • Was the venue especially impressive?
  • How would you describe the atmosphere?
  • Were chairs given long enough to present the awards or were they rushed?


  • How close were the committees from one another (e.g. same building or spread across a campus)?
  • What was the conference venue (university/conference centre etc.)?
  • Was the conference venue especially impressive/decrepit?
  • Where the committee rooms an appropriate size for the number of delegates?
  • Were there enough power points?
  • Was WiFi provided? How well did it work?
  • Were tea/coffee/snacks provided?


  • What events were included in the social pack?
  • What were drinks prices like? Were any free drinks included?
  • How far were the social venues from the venues of the actual conference?
  • Did the Secretariat help delegates get to the social venues?
  • How well-attended were the socials? Did a lot of chairs come out?
  • Did the socials deliver value for money?
  • Were social packs easy to obtain? Were some delegates unable to get social packs?

Logistics and Communications

  • How fast and accommodating was the Secretariat in responding to the queries via email?
  • How organised was the registration? Did the delegates have to queue for long?
  • Was anything special/interesting included in the delegates pack?
  • Was everything correct in their delegate pack – lanyards, placards etc.
  • Was it easy to navigate from registration to the opening ceremony, then to committees?
  • Was a map provided? Were there volunteers available to help?
  • Did the Secretariat/chairs organise or suggest places for lunch? Were any discounts available for the delegates?
  • Did the conference offer training for new delegates on the first day?
  • Did the Secretariat help with visas for chairs and delegates?
  • Was the accommodation provided/suggested by the Secretariat